Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today on the internet...

I was surfing the web today in an attempt to lift my spirits (I'm grieving pretty bad still) and keep myself entertained while stuck on bedrest from the surgery and found a couple new websites (well new to me) that I just had to share. I encourage everyone to check them out and promise you will not be disappointed:

Clutch Magazine: Imagine Glamour, Marie Claire or Vanity Fair in a strictly digital format, add black people and you'll have the digital magazine Clutch. I came across the site through one of the links on and it is a new fav. The magazine pulls from other sites for some of the articles and I don't agree with all the points made by the authors (particularly the story on Dr. Laura and the use of the n-word) but the site is beautiful and it does make you think. The site is beautifully designed and very professional looking. It's not a blog so don't expect multiple posts every day but there is a new issue every Monday. I think you all will really enjoy.

Very Smart Brothas: All I can say is wow... I'm truly in love with this site. The posts are hilarious yet thought invoking, the comments are intelligent but funny with commenters who are able to debate, joke around and have fun while being respectful and smart. Even if the posts sucked (which they don't) it would be worth a visit to the site just for the comment section alone, which was a great read as well as a breath of fresh air compared to other sites where you have constant bickering, bad grammar, filthy language and middle school type comments. Have you ever read those articles on CNN with the lists? Usually it's a topic like 10 ways to tell if he's really into you, well this site is full of those lists but they are written by one of two black men, socially conscious and actually funny. Great, great, great site. It's also beautifully designed with no pop ups to slow down loading (huge peeve of mine). Seriously go check it out and tell me how you like it.

That Black Girl Site: A pretty cool blog that covers everything from celebrities, to photo galleries, to politics and world affairs. Definitely worth the time to check out. Plus it's nice to see positivity on any blog but especially a black one. This last week in the blogosphere disgusted me with the amount of negativity coming from the media and people commenting on blogs alike. It's bad enough that whites continue to bash our people it's even more disheartening when it comes from our own smdh.

What About Our Daughters: There is so much more to life than gossip and entertainment and this site focuses on  highlighting injustices towards black women, building solutions to promote and encourage growth amongst us. I would suggest everyone check it out for themselves although they do not post during the month of August (odd to me but there is a reason given on the site).

Bourgie Adventure: All I can say is I like. This is a random blog of random topics on the bloggers mind. Very interesting, insightful and creative. The blogger is based out of New York so it gives a perspective outside of the typical Atlanta based black gossip blogs. Try it out and see how you like.

Prior to today, I only visited 2 blogs on a regular basis outside of the usual news and entertainment sites like CNN, People, Eonline, and my local news sites but I'm so glad that I stepped outside of my internet browsing box and happened across the sites mentioned above. I've been hesitant on adding a blog roll (mainly because what's the point when you only visit 2 sites lol) but I'm working on creating one now as I continue to format the site. If you know of any sites that I should visit and include please let me know in the comment section so that I can look them up and possibly add them


  1. A site that I frequent is Pink Lady Gumbo...she usually posts every Monday easy to do recipes complete with step by step instructions and pictures. Here is the link

  2. Thanks!! I'll check it out cause I love to cook and have been looking for some new recipes