Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's wrong with the music industry?

There is clearly something going on in the music industry and it’s not good. I remember coming up in the early 90’s and music was highly sexual, gangsta rap was in its heyday and they were mostly real thugs with a record deal but you know what? The music was good. My iPod has more songs from the late 80’s – late 90’s than anything else. Not to mention the old school music. I’m a music industry baby, my mother was in the business, my father was in the business, and my uncle had connections within the industry. I came up on Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind and Fire, Rufus and Chaka Khan, Al Green, all of Motown, Patti Labelle, Deniece Williams, Prince, Michael Jackson, New Edition, Boyz II Men, Mary J, Snoop and Dr. Dre, NWA, Biggie, Nas, Duran Duran, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt not to mention all the gospel acts because my grandmother was a pastor and that’s just off the top of my head tired as hell at 3:30 a.m. It would be an understatement to say I have a broad taste when it comes to music, my playlists are very eclectic and stretch many different musical spectrums but one thing they all had in common was TALENT. Nowadays, that’s almost unheard of. It seems like anyone can get a record deal, the radio will play anything, and videos are practically soft core porn and the industry more than ever is an anything goes type of business. And the effect of what’s going on is clearly being seen in the youth today yet no one is doing anything about it. Honestly, I think that’s why the illuminati rumors are running so rampant right now because people are trying to make sense of this nonsense so they readily believe the rumors of an all powerful secret organization running the world through the world’s top power figures all in an ultimate plot that will culminate in the New World Order. My belief?
 My beliefs are in God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He has already outlined how the end will come in the book of Revelations so I’m not buying into this illuminati nonsense on YouTube if for nothing else than the fact that the conspiracy theorists are pulling from too many different sources to come up with their conspiracies. I will say that you can’t believe in God without believing in Satan and evil. It’s out there, unfortunately and he is working to bring down as many souls as possible before God takes back this world from him. And he is definitely working through the industry. The fact that these music videos are showing clearly demonic symbolism (which honestly has been done for so many years but is now so blatant), those artists who have been accused of “devil worshipping” and being a part of the “illuminati” the most are throwing caution to the wind, spitting in the faces of everyone who believes in the Lord God by so called being “sarcastic” by putting these images in the videos, the fact that you can’t get a record deal and a successful hit record unless you agree to be half naked in your videos, selling sex on stage and over the airwaves, the male artists are dressing like straight fools, in female accessories, tattoos covering their entire bodies, including their faces, clothes hanging off their back or on the flip side in clothes so tight they’ve gotta have yeast growing in their draws, and if you don’t have a gimmick or aren’t made of plastic you just can’t make it. So yes, something is definitely going on and I don’t like it at all. Take an artist like Rihanna, with a dead look permanently in her eyes, zero talent, and atrocious stage costumes yet she is America’s sweetheart and one of the top stars in the country? How is that possible? But artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Chrisette Michelle, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia and others with TALENT have to fight for record sales and to keep their record deals. Is it because they’re fighting the industry standards of becoming a plastic gimmick, getting naked and selling sex? Or is it because they haven’t sold their souls? I’m going to be honest, I don’t follow rap like I used to in my younger days but rappers like Jay Z, Gucci Mane, Rick Rozay (dumbest name ever), Souljah Boy, Diddy, Wacka Flacka (okay that’s the dumbest name ever, Officer Ricky is 2nd), TI can commit crimes, disrespect women in their personal lives and in their music, disrespect and disregard their children, dress like they belong on the short bus yet they are applauded because they’re rich, keep up with the trends and do a little community service? Is the service they are providing to the community greater than the harm that they are doing to the community through their past crimes and current glorification of the criminal life? Does the fact that they pay thousands and millions in child support outweigh the fact that their children likely see them every couple months and are watching these “men” and idolizing them as children naturally do to their parents and will likely grow up to be just like them? Wacka Flacka’s mother is the one who actually put him in the business, he’s been out for maybe a year, two years tops and has been shot at least twice and you only hear his name when it’s involved in some kind of nonsense. What mother puts her child at risk in that way just to make him (and her as his manager) rich? Who puts their own flesh and blood in the line of fire? So I don’t care what anyone says, something is definitely going on in the music industry right now, it may not be the illuminati as everyone lately is so quick to accuse, but there is a definite, deliberate effort to promote garbage at the expense of our children, our communities, our culture and our world. And if something doesn’t change soon, then it will only get worse. I went to a barbecue on the 4th of July and there was a dance competition with about 15 kids on stage dancing to all the popular songs out today. Not the radio friendly, clean versions (which aren’t clean) but the album versions and these kids were shaking it up like they were in the club while the parent’s cheered them on (my kids asked to join and all it took was a look from me and they sat their butts down immediately) but the sad thing is this is what’s being promoted in our communities. These rappers with football and basketball leagues, what are they teaching the kids that they are coaching? If they tell them to live life differently than them while they are still promoting the streets than these kids see them as hypocrites and won’t take them seriously. But if they continue their hood and thug image in front of the youth they are supposed to be leading than we have more young black men and women growing up to think that the streets is the only way that they can make it. We the consumers have to take a stand against this nonsense or it will never ever change. I for one don’t support any of it and I do my best to shelter my children from the filth that is being promoted to children now but I am only one person. Our communities, parents and leaders need to become united and demand a change or else whatever has a hold of the music industry, be it the illuminate, the devil or just plain old greed and indifference will continue to take its hold on our children and they will be doomed and this world really will come to an end soon. If you want to support these artists as an adult, that’s your choice but at least take a stand to prevent the children and teens growing up in this day and age from being exposed to it because they don’t have the same ability to differentiate entertainment from reality, they don’t realize that these guys rapping about shooting, dealing and thugging are actually living in multimillion dollar homes, sending their children to private schools and are far removed from the hood which they so proudly rep in their music. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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